Hi! we’re a Graphic
and Web Design agency in Milan

Communication, user-centered design and technology. Simple solutions for complex issues.

Our staff covers a wide range of activities related to the web, visual communication, design and networking: we are able to provide efficient, solid and easy to use services. We believe in web standards, in accessibility and continuous development. That's why we support, analyze and define strategies to improve our customers' projects.

Web design

We build web solutions that meet your customers's needs and expectations. Wherever you need a personal site or a complex corporate intranet, we design our products with a obsessive attention to details and combining together creativity, functionality and technology.

CMS system

We provide content management systems fully verticalized on needs and goals. This effectively allows you to manage your presence on web and add and update your site without having to rely constantly on third parties.

Website hosting

With our WebFarm we offer reliable and secure web hosting solutions that meet every need, from a simple static site to complex dynamic systems that require dedicated servers and encrypted data transmissions.


It's an indispensable tool to keep an organization efficient and productive: make communication and access to information easier and saves time and money. We have the experience needed to design a solution suited for you.


We build attractive and reliable eCommerce solutions that encourage purchase and customer loyalty. We carefully design the visual comunication accordingly to the target, goods and the analysis of major competitors.

Social Networking

We design brand new social networks to complete your business offer or build integration with existing social networks. We define strategies to improve your communication on internet using tools provided by other networks.

Information Architecture

The design of complex websites and applications comprehend the analysis and selection of the best technical tools for organize, catalog, research and show content and data to maximize their accessibility...

User Interface Design

...A good message, deprived of adequate representation loses its value and relevance. We design interfaces according to this philosophy to maximize usability and make contents pleasing to the eyes.

Content Management

We offer an editing service and assist our clients during creation of their own content. We help them to write texts and wisely choose images to correctly modulate their web communication based on their target.


Have a marvelous graphic but do not have the resources and skills needed to transform it into a website? We have the right skills to do it well creating clean, maintainable code, compatible with all browsers and in compliance with standards.

IPhone / IPad App

The ubiquity of mobile devices and touch screen brings the need to rethink interfaces and interaction on these new devices. We redesign sites and web apps or design interfaces from scratch for iPhone and iPad.


We can optimize websites in order to increase their visibility in search engines. Our method is based on the reorganization of codes and structure with the objective to maximize the importance of content and facilitate indexing.

Currently we are working on...

  • Confindustria Lombardia
      / website
  • Hero Shop
      / website
  • Sol Group
      / website
  • Toshiba AirConditioning - EcoDesign
      / Mobile App
  • Toshiba Germania
      / website
  • Toshiba Svezia
      / website
  • Gut Distribution
      / website
  • Gut Distribution
      / website
  • Wedding Paperwork
      / website


/ Who we are

Year 1999 - Mediatria is still a creative workshop, code-named T-rex.
Safe behind the screens of our Mac, we await the end of the PC world: the millennium bug ... which reveals an obvious hoax. Since then more than ten years of the Web seem an geological era ...

We adopt, for the development of our core Web applications, the platform Zope/Plone which provides a flexible environment for the manipulation and representation of content. But we don't disdain the use of other CMS or fully customized solutions coded form scratch.

Our approach is simple

  • Undestand

  • Design

  • Develop

  • Manage/Expand

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Core Team

The team expands and contracts according to project needs, including team members from other sister companies (first of all, Reflab) and take advantage of a dense network of freelancers, but the core remains unchanged. We combine the expertise of a large company with the flexibility of a small web agency.

  • Francesco Saviano Francesco Saviano CEO
    & Web developer
  • Luca Molina Luca Molina French division manager
    & Public Relations
  • Massimiliano Abiusi Massimiliano Abiusi Web developer
    & Administrative contact
  • Giulio Rusciano Giulio Rusciano Art Director
    & Web designer

Works & Clients

/ web design, consulting and hosting

  • Iss Italia

    ISS Italia

    Corporate & Intranet

    ISS is one of the world’s largest commercial providers of Facility Services with several hundred thousand business-to-business customers across the world. During 2010 the Italian branch of the Danish group has called us to design and build on Plone its CRM and Intranet site.

  • Melabnetwork

    Irpe Spa


    "Thanks to Mediatria's creativity and professionalism we managed to realize a good web strategy to revitalize and renew the image of Irpe through the implementation of a series of collaborative portals. [...] They have produced a complex and articulated project, respecting deadlines and cost, which have already met the satisfaction of internal and external user."

    Carlo Mazzucchelli,
    Marketing Director of Irpe Spa

  • MSF


    Médecins Sans Frontières

    During 2009, in partnership with Reflab, we worked on Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) intranet. The aim was to polish up the graphic interfaces, and to implement it as a css skin for Plone while Reflab take care of the web application behind.

    MSF is an independent humanitarian organization that operates in sixty-three countries and provides humanitarian aid.

  • vignelli

    Studio Vignelli

    Client Intranet

    System designed to simplify the relationship between clients and accountants and to centralize on the web most of the activities previously conducted by telephone, e-mail or paper. Beside the development of accounting functionality (document exchange log, customer management, deadlines scheduler) we were asked to develop a lean and highly simplified user interface, appropriate to all types of customers.

Some people we're working with
  • World Bank Group
  • Toshiba
  • ISS Italia
  • Askoll
  • Pinarello
  • The European House - Ambrosetti
  • Bravosolution
  • Assolombarda
  • World Social Forum
  • Smartbox
  • Gut Distribuzioni
  • Class Editori
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Movi Group
  • Agidi
  • Matrix International
  • AID Lombardia
  • Lovebrand


/ What we do when we don't work for you

Beyond to our customers' website and application, we develop ideas and projects stemming from the insights of our team and partners. Some are completed, others are ongoing or are about to start but all are brought forward to the challenge that each of them represents and to test tools and technologies before they are adopted for our customers' projects. In this way we keep in constant turmoil our activities and we provide all the strategies and technologies well-established and congenial to the objectives.

/ in progress

Born in April 2011, SoloTablet is a website aimed at businesses and professionals in the IT world. We intend to spread the use of Tablet devices, informing about the latest news in terms of solutions, scope, heuristics, best practices, references and case studies.

Intranet W.o.K
/ version 2.2

W.o.k is a suite of three products for Plone created to manage and share contacts and events: what you get is a robust and effective tool for planning activities and establish working groups within a company. Originally developed for our corporate intranet, is currently used by many of our customers.

Yabby Sys
/ version 1.6

The management of the typical procedures of a business consultant agency is a complex activity that generates tons of paper. We are currently field testing a web app that allows to digitaly manage all workflow. The success that has met with customers every day encourages us to continue the project.

Webfilla Valley
/ in progress

With the opening of new offices in France we are setting in the heart of Normandy a very special Web Camp. We offer hospitality to groups of development in a place surrounded by nature but technologically supported as a traditional town.

Zona isola
/ in progress is a web space to find information and check activities on 'Isola', a beautiful district of Milan, which is undergoing major changes and needs good ideas and good projects. Created in collaboration with esterni and CityO, is an independent site designed to give voice to a community rich in skills, experiences, projects and stories to tell.

/ ended

It was our first "ethical" project (way back in 2003). This free network had a broad consensus and over time many groups and organization adopted the system for commercial use, by contacting us or try it for themself. At the same time we have received excellent feedback from our users and tons of usability usecase.

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